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7071 Southwest Fwy
Houston, TX, 77074
Call Us: (844) 623-4065


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Our Showroom

Visit our showroom for a truly luxurious shopping experience. We understand design is a form of self-expression and have created a hands-on environment where ideas for your kitchen or bath can thrive.

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About Us

As Morrison Supply's premier branded showroom, Expressions Home Gallery has built a distinguished legacy on providing the optimal experience for our customers, offering dedicated service from the very start and long after a sale is finished. Let our expert product consultants guide and inspire you to realize a new vision for your home, and immerse yourself in our fully-functioning, interactive displays of the world's finest and most exclusive brands for your kitchen, bath, and hardware needs. After all, we believe it's not just about providing our customers with the products they need - it's about giving them the lifestyle they desire. Express yourself. We will handle the rest.